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L E N   K U T Y L A
An American Architect in Japan: Part 2
Kyoto and Hiroshima

Len Kutyla is a Chicago architect and long-time Cigar Society and University Club member. This presentation is part of Len's architectural travelog of Japan, begun last September with Part I: Tokyo.  In his introduction to the series, Len wrote,

Japan is a nation of islands in a region of the world that is precariously situated with respect to geography, history, and tectonics. While Japanís location kept it mostly isolated from Chinaís hegemonic tendencies, Japan and China struggled for dominance of the islands for centuries.

Despite its success at keeping the outside world at bay for millennia, Japan was forced to confront global reality in the modern era. (Commodore Perry, for example, worked on behalf of the US government to force Japan into a trade agreement with the United States in the 1850s.)  As a result, Japan has evolved into a unique modern nation: inscrutable to western eyes at times, but often painfully transparent to eastern eyes.

As a result of these dual pressures, Japanese art and culture have become a magnificent blend of harmony and dissonance, point and counterpoint, rigor and fluidity, technology and nature.

I had the pleasure of visiting Japan in the company my daughter, her classmates, and the Japanese scholar who was teaching them Japanese history, culture, and language at the Andrew Jackson Language Academy here in Chicago. While this trip was to only a few parts of Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima), it gave me an eye-opening, instructive, and enchanting window onto Japanís heritage, its people, and its architecture.

I look forward to sharing my story of that trip.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021
5:30-7:00 pm CDT

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