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Bruce Kraig, Professor of History and Humanities, Emeritus, at Roosevelt University, and expert on the history of food, returns to the Cigar Society to talk about climate change and its effects on agriculture in the United States.
  Professor Kraig writes:

 The Midwest encompasses almost the entire center of the North American continent. It is a land of varied landscapes and microclimates that range from the Great Lakes and Mississippi River valley to the dry lands of western Kansas and the Dakotas. This agricultural powerhouse is now stressed by major flooding of the river systems upon which much farm production and export depends, current and impending drought in the rain and groundwater supplied western regions, and a crisis in insect populations on which agriculture depends.

America’s food comes from a commodity agricultural system that was developed over the course of the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries. The goal in creating this system has always been cheap and abundant food for the home market and healthy exports. One of the assumptions on which this industrialized farm economy is based is that whatever the land and animals that live on it yield can be improved and that the climate on which it depends remains fairly stable.

But, as many a farmer says, it’s a gamble.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020, 5:30-7:00 pm CDT

There will be a Q&A session after the lecture. Audience participation is invited.
Be sure to have your cocktails and cigars at ready hand.

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Bruce Kraig is Professor of History and Humanities, Emeritus, at Roosevelt University, where he taught a wide variety of courses in history, anthropology, and popular culture, and since retiring from Roosevelt he has lectured about food at the culinary school of Kendall College, Chicago.  Professor Kraig has appeared widely in the electronic media as writer and on-camera host and narrator for a multi-award winning PBS series on food and culture around the world. He has written hundreds of articles on food in newspapers, journals, and for encyclopedias.  His books about cookery and culinary history include Mexican-American Plain Cooking; The Cuisines of Hidden Mexico; Hot Dog: A Global History; Man Bites Dog: Hot Dog Culture in America; editor Cooking Plain: Illinois Style (2012), co-editor (with Colleen Sen) Street Food Around the World: An Encyclopedia of Food and Culture (2013), co-editor (with Colleen Sen and Carol Haddix) Food City: The Encyclopedia of Chicago Food (2017), and A Rich and Fertile Land (2017). He is the editor of the “Heartland Foodways” book series for the University of Illinois Press.  Professor Kraig holds a BA from UC Berkeley and MA and PhD degrees from the University of Pennsylvania.

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