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       Ken Rehor: Lyons, Illinois, November 8, 1979.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020, 5:30-7:00 pm CDT

There will be a Q&A session after the lecture. Audience participation is invited.
Be sure to have your cocktails and cigars at ready hand.

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Cigar Society member Ken Rehor has been photographing the world around him for more than forty years. Initially it was his love of trains that drew him to photography, as he tried to capture the model trains he was building. Ken writes, "My futile first attempts motivated me to understand what makes certain photographs visually arresting. Along the way I learned how to see, and tell stories, via lighting, composition, and motion."  This discussion explores a Midwestern teenager's photographic education from the some of the finest photographers in the world, as he taught himself through the pages of magazines and books.

Ken Rehor has been fascinated with trains since before he could speak. First there was his fatherís pre-war Lionel train under the Christmas tree. Then there was an epic family journey on the Super Chief to Los Angeles. Model trains eventually led to model train photographs, and then to teaching himself photography from the pages of Trains Magazine and railroad history books. Stints as a photojournalist for his high school and college newspapers cemented his love of storytelling through images. Ken is a telecommunications and speech technology expert currently working at Cisco Systems, where he is merging traditional telephone services with the latest AI technologies to bring people together via online collaboration tools such as Cisco's Webex multimedia conferencing service. He is a veteran, in various capacities (from Member of Technical Staff to CTO) at Bell Labs, Enuncia, Nuance, and Vocalocity. Ken has BS and MS degrees from the University of Illinois at Chicago in electrical engineering.

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ONE OF THE OLDEST AND greatest traditions of the city clubs of Chicago is the discussion of intellectual, social, legal, artistic, historical, scientific, musical, theatrical, and philosophical issues in the company of educated, bright, and appropriately provocative individuals, all under the beneficent influence of substantial amounts of tobacco and spirits.  The Cigar Society of Chicago embraces this tradition and extends it with its Informal Smokers, University Series lectures, and Cigar Society Dinners, in which cigars, and from time to time pipes and cigarettes, appear as an important component of our version of the classical symposium.  To be included in the Cigar Society's mailing list, write to the secretary at