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The U.S. power grid is at risk and you should know about it.

You've read the headlines: Hackers Increasingly Probe North American Power Grid (Bank Info Security, 1/10/2020), How the US power grid became a big target for hackers (CNBC, 11/16/2019), Security News This Week: An Unprecedented Cyberattack Hit US Power Utilities (Wired, 9/7/2019), America’s Electric Grid Has a Vulnerable Back Door—and Russia Walked Through It (Wall Street Journal, 1/10/2019)And we've known about this for a long time: How Power Grid Hacks Work, and When You Should Panic (Wired, 10/13/2017).  But it's difficult: Hacking The Electric Grid Is Damned Hard (FiveThirtyEight, 6/13/2018). And the United States government is playing this game, too: U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russia’s Power Grid (New York Times, 6/15/2019).

How could our national power grid be taken down?  What can we do to prevent it?  How should we, as individuals, be prepared, just in case?

Cyber-security and computer forensics expert Lee Neubecker will explain in detail how rogue hackers could take down the U.S. power grid.  Really. Now.  Lee will also explain • How your home devices in the "Internet of Things" can pose a serious risk • How to survive an extended power outage, and • What needs to be done in order to make our world more cyber-secure.

Our speaker, Lee Neubecker, is the founder and CEO of Enigma Forensics, here in Chicago. Before that, Lee was the CIO of HaystackID, a national provider of eDiscovery and other legal services. Earlier, Lee founded and later sold a successful computer-forensics expert-witness firm, Forensicon. Lee is a Certified Information Security Systems Professional and a licensed professional investigator (PI) in his birth state of Michigan.

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