Perfect Happiness
Aristotle's Ethics in the 21st Century

Tuesday, January 20, 5:30-8:30pm

The Lounge at Iwan Ries
19 South Wabash

Cocktails at 5:30, presentation 6:00-6:30 followed by discussion and more cocktails.   
 $40 includes drinks, two cigars, and food from Italian Village. 
Reservations are required.

Christopher Shields, a specialist in ancient philosophy and metaphysics, joined the Department of Philosophy at Notre Dame last year, after spending ten years at the University of Oxford, where he was chair of the Faculty Board of Philosophy and a fellow of Lady Margaret Hall. He also previously served on the philosophy and classics faculties at the University of Colorado at Boulder and Colby College, and has held visiting positions at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Humboldt-Universitšt zu Berlin, St. Louis University, Yale, Cornell, and Stanford, among other institutions. Professor Shields has published widely on the ancient philosophers, primarily on Aristotle and Plato, and has received awards for both his teaching and research. Among his books are Aristotle (2014); Ancient Philosophy: A Contemporary Introduction (2011); The Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas, with Robert Pasnau (2003); and Blackwell Guide to Ancient Philosophy, ed., (2002).


About the Cigar Society of Chicago

ONE OF THE OLDEST AND greatest traditions of the city clubs of Chicago is the discussion of intellectual, social, legal, artistic, historical, scientific, musical, theatrical, and philosophical issues in the company of educated, bright, and appropriately provocative individuals, all under the beneficent influence of substantial amounts of tobacco and spirits.  The Cigar Society of Chicago embraces this tradition and extends it with its Informal Smokers, University Series lectures, and Cigar Society Dinners, in which cigars, and from time to time pipes and cigarettes, appear as an important component of our version of the classical symposium.  To be included in the Cigar Society's mailing list, write to the Secretary at