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How to
Drink Coffee

with Jeff Dreyfuss

Tuesday, December 8

19 South Wabash

(second-floor lounge)

$40 inclusive covers the cost of two cigars, premium open bar, and sandwiches.
Reservations are required.

Jeff Dreyfuss, co-owner of Metropolis Coffee Company, will lead a conversation about coffee: its history, where it comes from, what its varieties are, and how to taste it.  He will also bring along a few varieties for sampling.

Coffee contains over 800 discernible flavor compounds, compared to 400 or so for wine.  We'll start with the basics of aroma, fragrance, body, richness, mellowness, and acidity, then graduate to the intermediate categories of brightness, dryness, and fragrance, then finally consider advanced flavor characteristics such as cocoa, honey, lavender, jasmine, orange, shortbread, olive oil, sage, walnut, pecan, cherry, and of course, tobacco.

Jeff Dreyfuss got his PhD in linguistics from the University of Michigan after spending a Fullbright in Java studying storytelling and grammar.  He taught Indonesian languages at UW-Madison and at the University of Washington and has published many scholarly articles on language and culture.  While in Madison, he and his wife, also a professional linguist, founded the Wisconsin English as a Second Language Institute (WESLI), which grew to be the largest single-site private ESL school in the country.  His hobbies include Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Indonesian, Javanese, Russian, Amharic (some), French Creole, limited Italian and French, classical flute, and squash.

Metropolis Coffee has gotten much good press since Jeff and his son founded the company in Edgewater in 2003.  Among other notices: Micro-roaster of the Year, 2007, Roast Magazine; One of America's Top 15 Coffee Houses, Food and Wine Magazine, 2006; Best Cup of Coffee in Chicago, Chicago Tribune, 2007; Best Latte, Chicago Magazine, 2005, 2007; Best Place to Buy Coffee Beans, New City Magazine, 2005.

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Tuesday, January 12
A Cigar Society Fumada Informal hosted by Augustus Higginson at his apartment and studio.
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Tuesday, January 26
Rick Kogan and Charles Osgood will talk about their new book, Sidewalks II: Reflections on Chicago.
19 South Wabash

Tuesday, February 9
Emanuel Mayer, Ass't Professor of Classics at the University of Chicago, will talk about kitsch in ancient Roman art, the rise of the middle class, and the history of the garden gnome.
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Tuesday, February 23
Sam Sisodia, Thomas Reynolds Sr. Family Professor of Neurosciences and Director of the Center for Molecular Neurobiology at the University of Chicago, will talk about his research on the causes of Alzheimer's Disease.
19 South Wabash.

Tuesday, March 16
Speaker to be Announced.

Tuesday, March 30
Speaker to be Announced.

Tuesday, April 13
Speaker to be Announced.

Tuesday, April 27
Speaker to be Announced.


About the Cigar Society of Chicago

ONE OF THE OLDEST AND greatest traditions of the city clubs of Chicago is the discussion of intellectual, social, legal, artistic, historical, scientific, musical, theatrical, and philosophical issues in the company of educated, bright, and appropriately provocative individuals, all under the beneficent influence of substantial amounts of tobacco and spirits.  The Cigar Society of Chicago embraces this tradition and extends it with its Informal Smokers, University Series lectures, and Cigar Society Dinners, in which cigars, and from time to time pipes and cigarettes, appear as an important component of our version of the classical symposium.  To be included in the Cigar Society's mailing list, write to the Secretary at CigarSociety@logicophilosophicus.org.