May 2009

oming up

Randy Mosher will lead a beer tasting and sign copies of his new book, Tasting Beer, May 19.  RSVP by Monday, noon.

Cigar Dinner and Outing in Lake Geneva.  (Description below.  RSVP before Wednesday, May 20.

Billy O'Hara, a.k.a. "Jack Schwarz", will lead a discussion about cigarshow they're made, what they're like, and how they should be smokedover cocktails and cigars in the Board of Trade Building, Thursday, June 11.

Bill Daley, Wine and Food Critic for the Chicago Tribune, will talk about wine and smoke, June 23.


Events sponsored by the Cigar Society of Chicago include cocktails at 5:30pm, a lecture or reading starting at 6:00 sharp for about thirty minutes, followed by discussion.  We meet privately in the second-floor lounge of the
Iwan Ries Building
19 South Wabash


 Tuesday, May 19, 5:30-8:30pm
Tasting Beer with Randy Mosher

For all beer lovers who have known the pleasure of draining a pint, Randy Mosher explores and explains the complete tasting experience as it applies to all the wonderful brews of the world. Hundreds of tastes can be detected in beer, from resin to toast, and from apple to smoke. Randy will lead the Cigar Society through a tasting of the major beer styles and tell us how to identify them by their scents, colors, and flavors.  For the Cigar Society, Mosher will focus on big, high-alcohol beers that have enough character to stand up to a range of cigars.  Among the possibilities: Goose Island Matilda, Schlenkerla Rauchbier Ur-Bock Bock, Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron or Raison d'Etre, Green King Old Suffolk Ale, Lost Abbey Judgment Day or Lost and Found, and an Imperial Stout.  He'll also have copies of his new book, Tasting Beer: An Insider's Guide to the World Greatest Drink, available for signing and sale. 

Beer may be the common beverage of the people, but it is far from simple. With 10,000 years of history, more than 900 identified flavors, dozens of styles, and thousands of breweries around the world, beer is as complex as its grape-based neighbors in the liquor stores.

Randy Mosher is also the author of Radical Brewing: Recipes, Tales, and World-Altering Meditations in a Glass and Brewers Companion: Being a Complete Compendium of Brewing Knowledge.

Iwan Ries Building, 19 South Wabash, Second-floor lounge.
$40 inclusive covers the cost of the room, drinks, cigars, and snacks.  Cash only.  Jacket and tie recommended; reservations required.  RSVP to the Secretary.

Cigar Society of Chicago Spring Outing to Lake Geneva, May 29-30

Join the Cigar Society for an event-packed weekend in Lake Geneva at the end of the month (the weekend after Memorial Day).  The events are itemized below by cost and can be attended independently, but reservations are required.  You may stay one or two nights.

Cigar Society of

Cigar Dinner and Outing
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

RSVP to the Secretary before May 20

Friday, May 29  
3:00 or later

Check in at your hotel.  Bella Vista Suites and the Cove are both walking distance to the Cigar Dinner and on the lake. The Cove has suites that can accommodate up to six people.  (There are many other hotel options in all price ranges.)  You should make your own hotel reservation, but all other events will be managed by the Secretary.

7:00-8:00 Cocktail Hour at Celebration on Wells, 422 South Wells. (Cash bar.)
8:00- Cigar Dinner.  BYO Cigars.  $60 (including tax and tip!) for a 3-course dinner with red wine. (Cocktails and special wines are extra.)   BYO Cigars.  Lots. 
Iceberg Wedges with Maytag Blue Cheese Dressing
Hand Tossed Caesar Salad with Lemon Wheels and Anchovies
Main Course
Prime Rib Roast with Morel Sauce, Twice-baked Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables, and dinner rolls.
Individual Apple-Strawberry Pies with Whipped Cream
Chocolate Confusion Cake drizzled with Ghirardelli White and Dark Chocolate, finished with Crème Fraise
After After-dinner speaker.  Chuck Hannon, on a provocative topic.
Sat, May 30  
  Breakfast (on your own)
  Tour of Stone Manor, the largest house on the lake, by Chuck Hannon (no charge, but reservations are required).  Chuck has a modest apartment (6000 sq-ft) in the manor. 
  Tour of the Richard Driehaus Estate and Gardens, by John Nelson (no charge, but reservations are required).  John was the architect for the renovation of the house and gardens. 
  Lunch at the Richard Driehaus Mansion (lunch is on Mr. Driehaus, but reservations are required).
  Lake boat tour (optional, extra charge).  More information to follow.
  Golf (optional, extra charge).  More information to follow.
  Dinner (on your own).
  Night Life (on your own)
Sun, June 1  
  Return to Chicago


About the Cigar Society of Chicago

ONE OF THE OLDEST AND greatest traditions of the city clubs of Chicago was the discussion of intellectual, social, legal, artistic, historical, scientific, musical, theatrical, and philosophical issues in the company of educated, bright, and appropriately provocative individuals, all under the beneficent influence of substantial amounts of tobacco and spirits.  The Cigar Society of Chicago embraces this tradition and extends it with its fortnightly Informal Smokers, monthly University Series lectures, and quarterly Cigar Society Dinners, in which cigars, and from time to time pipes and cigarettes, appear as an important component of our version of the classical symposium.  To be included in the Cigar Society's mailing list, write to the Secretary at