Subject: cigar club TUESDAY November 29th at *UNIVERSITY* CLUB 5-7pm

The next informal gathering of the U Club Cigar Society will
take place at the UNIVERSITY Club on Tuesday, November 29th,
5-7pm. NOTE THE CHANGE IN VENUE. BYO cigars and each member
signs his own chit. All U Club members are invited, and
guests interested in a smoke and a cocktail in good company
are always welcome.

In observance of 47 years since this famous puppet group
outgrew its local Chicago roots and jumped to NBC network TV
on November 29th, 1948, we will have David "Kukla" Umlauf,
Ted "Fran" Foss, and Greg "Ollie" O'Leary revive some of their
favorite skits from that series.

In our last meeting...

K. David Umlauf, a token nonsmoker, arrived early to promote
that week's Salon series (later reports of which were positively
gushing) and discovered that his father was classmates with
Jerry Bauman at Roosevelt (class of '63). Doug Johnson told
about his days at Middlebury as an English major and his
contributions to The Crisis in Literary Criticism.  Jake Baton
recounted his recent telephone deposition of an African Jesuit
missionary concerning a misadventure in a Loyola vehicle on Lake
Shore Drive. Jimmy "let's take back the club" Smith gave another
installment of his tirade, and was roundly supported by Condren
and Johnson. (This was continued at the Club's annual meeting.)
Tuckey and Smith evaluated the Tower Club President's Room for
a future cigar club dinner (look for an announcement). O'Connor
continued his Opera Guild meeting well into cigar time, and was
largely missing from the table (and we mean largely). O'Leary
introduced us to his fraternity brother Scott "Edward" Rausch,
who promised to become a regular if only we would talk more about
opera. People who attended Fight Night remarked that the dinner
was terrific but the lighting too high, the ventilation too brisk,
the dinner service too rushed, and the staff too eager to sell
premium drinks on top of what was already a very premium package.
The fights themselves were weak (except for #3 and #8) but that
will not bother anyone greatly unless it becomes a trend.

Your loyal secretary,
Curtis "Cinderella Man" Tuckey