cigar club TUESDAY November 1st at TOWER CLUB 5-7pm



The next informal gathering of the U Club Cigar Society will

take place at the Tower Club on Tuesday, November 1st, 5-7pm. 

BYO cigars and each member signs his own chit.  All U Club

members are invited, and guests interested in a smoke and a

cocktail in good company are always welcome.


Last Friday's Cigar Dinner started with cocktails and cigars

in room D and was followed by a four-course dinner with match-

ing wines in the board room, followed by more cigars and more

scotch.  Matt Andersson told us how to create a new airline

and Jason Bush explained how to make an automobile company

disappear.  Greg "you're all wet, you scoundrel" O'Leary and

Chris "I beg your pardon!" Robling engaged themselves in a

rousing discussion of Chicago city politics while a second

guest of Andersson's looked on in horror.  Victor Tutiven

talked about problems that centralization of government poses

for remote areas of the Amazon jungle and Marshall Abbey re-

counted his visit to the opera house in Manaus. This reminded

Jerry Bauman of a paper that he read to the Conan Doyle Soc-

iety some years ago, in which he examined key geographical

features of the Amazon river basin between Iquitos, Peru and

Manaus, Brazil in trying to pinpoint the location of Profes-

sor Challenger's (fictional) pre-historic plateau in The Lost

World.  Midway through the third cigar and fourth or fifth

scotch your loyal secretary's pen went dry and he was reduced

to taking notes for this report on a linen napkin using only

his fingertip.  He was subsequently seen to be napping at the

table.  The cigar club formally adjourned its meeting at ten

when Dr. Paula Young stormed our bastion of masculinity and

walked everyone up to the balcony for a good airing out.


                                Your loyal secretary,

                                Curtis "the Dormouse" Tuckey




Upcoming related events:


  National Authors Day is November 1, so consider bringing

  a home-made pastiche of your favorite author to the cigar



  Fight Nights, Thursday and Friday, November 3 and 4.  

  These are the club's preeminent cigar-related events.

  Michael Hubbard and Curtis Tuckey are table captains at

  Friday night's fights, and there might still be a seat

  available at one of those tables.


  Tower Club Musical Salon meets Wednesday, November 9, 5:00. 

  David Umlauf writes: "We have a real live Tchaikovsky

  competition winner coming to play at the Tower Club.  Yang

  Liu, violin, his wife I'suan Tsai, piano, and Pyotor

  Mishvinsky, cello, will be playing a Brahms trio, a Rachman-

  inoff trio, and 'flashy encores.'  This group is made

  up of international stars, including Liu's Strad, which is

  known as the 'Lady Tennant.' A rare treat!  Tell your

  friends!"  $15.00, including wine and cheese reception.